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Crafted in the Community

At the Fife Arms Shop, we feel truly privileged to be able to collaborate with some of the very best and brightest of artisans, so that we can bring to you our spirited and bespoke collections that weave the legends of the Highlands. Craft and creativity sits at the heart of what we do - it is our story - and we take every opportunity we can to connect with the incredible makers that allow us to tell it with such beauty.

Our crafting community is not restrained by location, but built upon the definition that community is "the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common". We stand as a shared voice and vision for small scale artisanal businesses and are honoured to tell their tale.

Black Isle Woodturning

Andy Walters

Located within the magical landscape of the Black Isle, a peninsular steeped in history and flanked by wild Highland beaches, is Black Isle Woodturning - a business born from a passion for sustainability, quality workmanship and preservation of traditional craft.


Hooked on fishing

John Bell

Also known as The Lomond Angler, John developed a deep fascination with fishing before he can even remember, which has now led him to the remarkable skill of handcrafting fishing nets.


Artisan Sporran Maker

Monty Lewis

Monty was obsessed with sporrans from a young age. Despite only having the smallest amount of Scottish blood in him, he was always put into a kilt at Christmas.


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